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Broadband Internet Service in Rural and Urban Pennsylvania: A Common Wealth or Digital Divide?

Amy K. Glasmeier, Lawrence E. Wood and Andrew N. Kleit

Research accomplished through a grant from The Center for Rural Pennsylvania.

  Download a draft of the report (PDF format, 316.3 KB)

While metropolitan regions across Pennsylvania enjoy a variety of broadband, or high-speed Internet, services from pioneering companies, there's a lack of broadband competition in rural areas.

This means that now and possibly in the future, many residents and businesses in these areas will have access to only relatively inferior broadband service. In fact, rural areas need these advanced telecommunications infrastructures to attract new business and industries. These services are essential for spurring entrepreneurial activity, creating jobs, and supporting telecommuting workers who live in rural areas.

To improve the competitiveness of all communities in the state, Pennsylvania needs to guide the coordination and future development of broadband services to ensure a consistent level of high-quality, reasonably priced services to all rural and metropolitan areas.