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Economic Base Assessment of Beaufort County, South Carolina

Monitoring and Assessment Team
Institute for Policy Research and Evaluation
The Pennsylvania State University

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This paper was produced as a part of the Ford Foundation Community-Based Forestry Project.

Summary: This report depicts socioeconomic characteristics and trends in Beaufort County, South Carolina. The analysis begins by providing background information about the county, followed by a more detailed description of various socioeconomic trends, including an analysis of population, employment, industrial make-up, income, and quality of life. Finally, using the IMPLAN input-output model, this report concludes with an economic base analysis that further details economic conditions within the county.

Beaufort County has experienced positive growth in several economic indicators over the last thirty years, at rates that exceed those for both the state of South Carolina and the United States. In addition, diversification in industry structure has increased. However, the county is clearly transitioning in a number of ways that may challenge future economic stability, if not for the county as a whole, at least for multiple enclaves.